Last Day at Citrix

15th July 2007: I landed in the US for the first time soon after my marriage with my high school sweetheart Priyendra.

Nov, 2007: I got my EAD (Employment Authorization Document) and I was free to work anywhere till the time Priyendra would be employed with Google :)

Nov mid- Dec end, 2007: I frantically looked for jobs. I posted my resume on all the job sites. I called up Consultants. I also got my Resume reviewed. In the meantime, I applied for Masters in Computer Science in Santa Clara University as I did not want to go anywhere away from home. I came to the US after quitting my work with Infosys where I worked for about 1.5 years.

In the meantime Priyendra told me to start with Open university at SCU. I wanted to not leave hope and look for jobs too :)
So one day at one of the Indian stores I saw an ad for Silicon India Job Fair. I thought this is a good opportunity for me to go to one. Priyendra was not very optimistic about it as he thought I needed more work experience or a Masters degree in hand but as he is ….always supportive in all my decisions…we went. I submitted my resume and forgot about it.

Dec end 2007: Evan Miller (my exceptionally good manager) called me up. He told me he was looking for an intern. I thought I just needed one break. I jumped at the offer and took it.

Dec2007-Jan 2008: I was interviewed by Evan Miller, Lena, Venkat, Ivan, Andrei and Marat and finally I got the internship and I was a part of the Citrix Fraternity on 14th Jan.

When good things happen, they all happen at the same time :) I got admission in SCU. I started both studies and work together.

Today when I look back, I feel so happy and satisfied with what all I did in the company. My manager gave me the visibility in the company and today I know so many people outside my group too. I have made a foundation for myself and I feel proud of it. I hope to meet all my fellow Citrites soon and never leave touch with my dear friends I made for life here. Lastly I would want to give a special thanks to Alena. Office life with her was great fun :) Will always be in touch and never leave you!!