Stroller and Car Seat Day

This was a day when I went through a roller coster ride of emotions since I did not want to get rid of my bug and there was a slight possibility that it might happen.

Priyendra and I want to keep the bug for as long as possible. He likes it because he thinks it suits me and I like it because I feel close to it and people associate me with it. Also we wanted to do one Yosemite trip with Radha in her car sear. I know all of this sounds really lofty but there is no harm in thinking about such plans :)

After delaying the stroller shopping for a bit, we decided to go and explore options. We were pretty sure of getting a Chicco light weight stroller. We went into the store planning to explore more options but we came out with despair since there was only one stroller that would fit into the trunk of the beetle. This was a city mini GT. This stroller would fit any car seat.
We were then told about the Quinny stroller which might fit in ‘Shanno’, the bug.

Quinny fits well into the car but the Beetle turns from 4 seater to a 3 seater vehicle. Let us wait and see if Shanno stays with us for long now. We are waiting for you to sit in the Quinny, Radha!