I have been saving a couple of things in my Gmail drafts. I can loose that data so I thought of publishing it here. I will keep adding to these as and when I find more things to do on my own.

I am sure I will have many more as I keep sending so many to Priyendra. Instead I will put up the links here so that everyone can give us suggestions as well.



We ordered the living room and family room furniture. The living room furniture is from Scandinavian Designs and the family room furniture is from K and D

I am personally excited about the plans that we have for the living room. I think the family room furniture will be sufficient to make the room look good. Family room needs wall mounting for the TV and needs good speakers as well. I checked up Fry’s today and I am happy they do not charge much for mounting the speakers. Let us see when this happens.


Closet Organised

I am glad that we were finally able to organize our Master Bedroom closet. It took me about 3 days to set it up. Ofcourse with Priyendra trying to optimize to his best, we were able to come up with good IKEA Antonius storage solutions.

Now there seems to be a lot more hanger space and I have another Anotnius coming my way soon. We tried to make space not for the clothes I have now but for the clothes and purses I end up buying for the next two years.

Priyendra has a small corner of the closet too :)