The Insider (1999)

Lying and hiding facts by a few major food giants is not a new thing. Coca Cola was vilified for putting pesticides in the aerated water they used which contributed to cancer and breakdown of the immune system.

“The Insider,” the story of a man who revealed long-believed tobacco company lies and changed the way the world looked at both smoking and the big cigarette companies. This is a real life story of a man called Jeffery Wigand. His life was turned upside down because he exposed the deceptive production practices at Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company (B&W), maker of the Kool brand of cigarettes. They were adding some ammonia to increase the absorption of nicotine by our lungs.

The movie revolves around Dr. Wigand and his relationship with 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman, who convinced Dr. Wigand to speak on camera about his knowledge of B&W -only to have executives at CBS kill the story out for fear of being sued by the company.

It is a great movie and tells you the deep and dark secrets of such big giants.

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