Stroller and Car Seat Day

This was a day when I went through a roller coster ride of emotions since I did not want to get rid of my bug and there was a slight possibility that it might happen.

Priyendra and I want to keep the bug for as long as possible. He likes it because he thinks it suits me and I like it because I feel close to it and people associate me with it. Also we wanted to do one Yosemite trip with Radha in her car sear. I know all of this sounds really lofty but there is no harm in thinking about such plans :)

After delaying the stroller shopping for a bit, we decided to go and explore options. We were pretty sure of getting a Chicco light weight stroller. We went into the store planning to explore more options but we came out with despair since there was only one stroller that would fit into the trunk of the beetle. This was a city mini GT. This stroller would fit any car seat.
We were then told about the Quinny stroller which might fit in ‘Shanno’, the bug.

Quinny fits well into the car but the Beetle turns from 4 seater to a 3 seater vehicle. Let us wait and see if Shanno stays with us for long now. We are waiting for you to sit in the Quinny, Radha!


Radha on the Dance floor :)

Yes..the little one is kicking now. I felt a very feeble kick on Diwali eve (2nd Nov, 2013) but yesterday she was all over dancing and kicking. Priyendra tried to feel one too but it was a weak one for him. Something very strange happened when we were both trying to feel her move, we think we felt her feet on the left side of the stomach. Priyendra kept feeling it but I had a very weird feeling after touching it.

Happy Happy :)



How did Mona di do things as a school kid?

Well she got up early to go to school, got ready neatly. Her bag would be ready with all the books for the day’s time-table. She would polish her shoes and keep, the night before. Her uniform would be neatly hanging on the hanger. Even in the afternoon, she would sit demure in the bus. Her uniform and skirt pleats intact.

How would Atashi do things as a school kid?

Hahahaha.. I cant stop but laugh at how I used to do things :)
Never get up early. Would always get up 10 minutes before the bus came to the bus stop. My socks were always wet and pappa had to dry them. Mummy would iron my skirt and shirt. Vishnu bhaiyya would polish my shoes. Never would I be ready. Ramu bhaiyya (my bus driver) would wait for atleast 5 minutes and never honk. He was very sweet. My bag was the only thing that would be ready. Inspite of all this I was always CHILL! Ohh and when I would come in the afternoon, my tie would be lose, the shirt out, white socks black and shoes all dirty!!! I had to buy a white shirt and white socks in every 5-6 months:)

The only day I was super duper excited would be my birthday. I would not get sleep a night before. I would decide my birthday dress before hand. Keep everything ready. Get up much before time. Go stand outside on the bus stop early so that all could wish me. Whoever didn’t know my birthday, would be enlightened by me and in no time would know my birthday :). I would be so excited when all my bus friends would wish me :)

Till the time I was in the Junior section I wore a birthday dress and distributed sweets. Soon after that I just distributed sweets to the class.
My sister knew how seniors would bully the birthday girls and extract sweets from them. So she would keep about 20 Eclairs for such girls :) About 10 eclairs per person would be for my friends and 2 sweets per student for the entire class. Wow, it all seems like ages now.
I was so kicked about this day. Always high :)

I keep irritating everybody for my birthday but I think I have irritated Shubhi and Neha the most …10 days to go, 8 days to go…a few hours to go…My God!!! I would write in their registers too :):)I would sms them. OMG :)

The worst thing about my birthday was/is , it comes to an end and I have to wait for one full year :( I am never very happy towards the close of my birthday.

This year has been amazing. We bought our first home. This is one of the best birthday months.

I am ** years old (;) and still the fascination for my birthday has not subsided. Somehow I don’t even want it to go away :) I am happy being a kid this day, every year!



I am really excited about the fact that Mallika Sherawat tweeted about me :) or rather my tweet on her with her pictures showing off her dance at the Twitter office today. It is funny but I really enjoyed it. Surprisingly I have received many requests too after that :):)

Anyways, I hope to be a little regular now on the blog. I have put up pictures from my parents trip this summer on facebook. Hope to receive many comments on them 😉


Last Day at Citrix

15th July 2007: I landed in the US for the first time soon after my marriage with my high school sweetheart Priyendra.

Nov, 2007: I got my EAD (Employment Authorization Document) and I was free to work anywhere till the time Priyendra would be employed with Google :)

Nov mid- Dec end, 2007: I frantically looked for jobs. I posted my resume on all the job sites. I called up Consultants. I also got my Resume reviewed. In the meantime, I applied for Masters in Computer Science in Santa Clara University as I did not want to go anywhere away from home. I came to the US after quitting my work with Infosys where I worked for about 1.5 years.

In the meantime Priyendra told me to start with Open university at SCU. I wanted to not leave hope and look for jobs too :)
So one day at one of the Indian stores I saw an ad for Silicon India Job Fair. I thought this is a good opportunity for me to go to one. Priyendra was not very optimistic about it as he thought I needed more work experience or a Masters degree in hand but as he is ….always supportive in all my decisions…we went. I submitted my resume and forgot about it.

Dec end 2007: Evan Miller (my exceptionally good manager) called me up. He told me he was looking for an intern. I thought I just needed one break. I jumped at the offer and took it.

Dec2007-Jan 2008: I was interviewed by Evan Miller, Lena, Venkat, Ivan, Andrei and Marat and finally I got the internship and I was a part of the Citrix Fraternity on 14th Jan.

When good things happen, they all happen at the same time :) I got admission in SCU. I started both studies and work together.

Today when I look back, I feel so happy and satisfied with what all I did in the company. My manager gave me the visibility in the company and today I know so many people outside my group too. I have made a foundation for myself and I feel proud of it. I hope to meet all my fellow Citrites soon and never leave touch with my dear friends I made for life here. Lastly I would want to give a special thanks to Alena. Office life with her was great fun :) Will always be in touch and never leave you!!


Diwali Month

Last week was fun and extremely hectic. It was fun and full of lights because of Diwali. We had a nice time playing cards at the Shankars.

On Sunday, two days before Diwali, I put Ganesh and Lakshmi jee in the living room and would light the diya and offer prayers for the entire week. We put up the decorative lights on the Diwali itself after I got back from my Networks class :) I wore the lehenga I wore on my engagement. Now this is the fourth time I wore it so I believe it has been well utilised for now. Ahhhhhhhh what about my Wedding lehanga :( Well well…I have drifted from the main topic. So Diwali was good fun.
Now on the other hand I had two mid terms, two assignment submissions and one project submission in that same week!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I not a super woman :) I came out of that week victorious :) This weekend we watched two movies too. Golmaal Returns and Fashion. Both were simply drags. Sunday we visited Amit and Shilpa Singhal and Sriram and his wife to wish them Diwali. It was a nice Sunday spent. After a long time it was only me and Priyendra :) Amit had a nice barbecue set up and he made corns for us. Nice!
This week started with a bang too with assignments and projects and a mid term on Friday. Alena asked me some time back on what my plans are for the weekend. I almost screeched and said weekend is still faraway da! Hopefully I will win over such heavy situations and be able to manage my work, studies and home well.


After a while …

Wow! It seems like I started blogging and completely forgot that once I became interested in blogging.

Well last month in India was great and fantastic. It was my maiden trip to India post wedding and we were really pampered and looked after so well. Gauri joined us on our way back and she is happily settled with us. We both start with our classes next week. I will be taking three classes this quarter and I bet it is going to be tough with work and studies. Although Evan has been really nice for getting me from 40 hr/week to 25 hrs/week. My classes this quarter are
Computer Architecture
Computer Networks
Client Server Programming
Wish me luck folks.
Another reason for my excitement is Mom’s trip to Mountain View. We plan on doing lots of things this week when she is here. Well abhi I will sign off as Alena wants to go for a walk outside.


iPhone excitement!

After reading so much about the iphone which has just released, I wish we could make it at 8 a.m. in the morning to Valley Fair and purchase it then. We will go in the evening and hopefully should become proud owners of black and white today itself. Will write more about it after we get one!