Bhalla ka Halla…Masha Allah!!

We went in for our second appointment today (16th Sept) to hear the heart beat. The doctor took about 20 seconds to find the heart beat and all through those 20 seconds I was not beating most likely :) and then I saw him smile and murmur here it is :)

It sounded more like a table fan working. Priyendra joked that Surabhi could use this as Spinning 4 :)

We recorded the heartbeat. We also got an anti-oxidant analysis done. Apparently this is a very new test which was introduced on Dr. Oz and tests the level of anti oxidants in the mothers body. If it is less then they give you supplements for the next few months. I was in a reasonable range but the test professional pushed me to take supplements. We anyhow declined since we thought it was not needed as I was having 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables during the day.

Today we also got the DNA test done and unfortunately I had to give away some more of my blood for the testing. I have given away a lot of my valuable blood for so many tests now. So this time again I saw the needle sucking up my blood to get some genetic testing done and also to know the gender of the baby :)

Yes I will know the gender by next week. Another post to soon follow :)

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