Waiting on Harmony Test…

We got our DNA Harmony test done on the 16th and we were to get the results in 7 days. We are still waiting on the results!!!

I called up the clinic on 24th and they told me that they have not received the results. So I called up Labcorp and they said they just had an order for a blood test and did not receive any order for the Harmony test. I called up the clinic back and the receptionist said ” Oh! I do see that the Submit button for your order was not clicked”. Now this is quite sad that the office staff does not do their work professionally. Last year too they gave me problems with the test results and I had to go back and forth between the lab and the clinic and it turned out that the fax machine at the clinic was not working. So one party would send the result but the other one would not receive it. Now how ridiculous is this!

Yesterday I called the lab again to find out if they had received the order from the clinic or not. The kind and patient lady told me that they had sent the results to the clinic on the 17th itself. Ohh no!!! I cannot deal with the two parties now. She confirmed if their fax was working or not. I would have called the clinic again but I told her about the situation that how on Tuesday someone said that they had not received the order for a Harmony Test. She kept me on hold for about 20 minutes and came back saying ” Aah!!! I see yours is going to be a more specialized test and it will take about 8-10 business days. We should sent the results back to the clinic by 30th.”

It is in vain to get upset with the staff from either the clinic or the lab. The best thing is to wait and I have become good at that seems like!

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