Introduced to the running world

I would not say I haven’t been introduced to the running world before. Thanks to the alumni runners of stanfordyaars, I have cheered for my friends while they were sweating it out on the tracks. Truly speaking, I am still nervous and I think it will be a tough task to reach the goal but I have the support from Priyendra and from all my friends. Hopefully I should be able to build up on my stamina and run a little more than 0.4 miles at a stretch :):) (I hope no one laughs a me)

Saturday on April 24th 2010, was the first stretching and running session by ASHA. I met my fellow runners for the first time. I met my coaches and the co-coordinators for the training sessions for the first time too. I was amazed to look at how fit people were. Coach Tony, Coach Raman and Coach Charles were eagerly waiting to stretch us apart :) We had to run half a mile, followed by a stretching session and then another 0.5 mile of running.

Yesterday was the shoe and apparel clinic at sports Basement. It was pretty informative. We were not in general very keen on attending it but after the first session we swayed into the other sessions smoothly and loved the entire process. We purchased our first pairs of running shoes and are excited to wear them and run in them soon.

I have never been much of a sportsperson but I am excited to embark into this world of marathoners.

The funny thing about this was my dad asked me whether I knew how marathons started and I was blank. He knew little though but he told me about this Greek messenger Pheidipiddes who would travel to take the message of the king. At times I am stunned at his knowledge. He is not a net-savvy person. All he reads is the Dainik Jagran and TOI Lucknow edition which has a day old news. He watches little bit of TV after clinic, stressing more on day news. Does Dainik Jagran give him all this information? He also suggested that I watch a documentary on it since my new found love is to watch any documentary on Netflix.

After he told me about this today, I read up about Marathons on the internet. Even if he gives me one liner knowledge, it is perfect. Thats my Dad :)