Is twitter taking a toll on other sites?

Twitter has a huge history of hiccuping but this time it seems like it is taking a toll on many other websites related to it. Ironically a website which tells whether twitter is down or not, went down as all the users were logged on to it This website is http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/. One can check the downtime for any website. Well this website is made by Ryan King, who is now employed with Twitter.
Few days back Twitter went down because of their relatively new feature called Twitter Lists. They had to take that feature down.

Today is called the “Cyber Monday” where in a lot of deals are online and people would have been frantically searching for one online. But as cnet news puts it, “amid all the seasonal shopaholism, somebody forgot to feed the whale.” (whale being cartoon that pops up when the Twitter servers are overloaded)



I am really excited about the fact that Mallika Sherawat tweeted about me :) or rather my tweet on her with her pictures showing off her dance at the Twitter office today. It is funny but I really enjoyed it. Surprisingly I have received many requests too after that :):)

Anyways, I hope to be a little regular now on the blog. I have put up pictures from my parents trip this summer on facebook. Hope to receive many comments on them 😉