Slashdot Redux

I recently picked this up from Slashdot. A British scientist became the first human to be infected by a computer virus! :) Yes – you heard that right – a computer virus. Read the full story here.

Apparently he infected a chip implanted in his body and then caused the virus to spread from his body to his PC! And he argues that human-to-human computer virus infections will also become common as implanted chips become commonplace!

Among other techie news, Sony recently demoed a flexible OLED screen thinner than a human hair! And it is flexible enough that it can wrap around a pencil even as the video keeps playing!! How cool is that. :)

Sony's flexible OLED screen Sony's flexible OLED screen

[Pics courtesy]

And on top of all this, a research group in the University of New South Wales has successfully created a 4nm transistor made of just seven atoms! Just seven frikkin atoms!

Very cool stuff!

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