How did Mona di do things as a school kid?

Well she got up early to go to school, got ready neatly. Her bag would be ready with all the books for the day’s time-table. She would polish her shoes and keep, the night before. Her uniform would be neatly hanging on the hanger. Even in the afternoon, she would sit demure in the bus. Her uniform and skirt pleats intact.

How would Atashi do things as a school kid?

Hahahaha.. I cant stop but laugh at how I used to do things :)
Never get up early. Would always get up 10 minutes before the bus came to the bus stop. My socks were always wet and pappa had to dry them. Mummy would iron my skirt and shirt. Vishnu bhaiyya would polish my shoes. Never would I be ready. Ramu bhaiyya (my bus driver) would wait for atleast 5 minutes and never honk. He was very sweet. My bag was the only thing that would be ready. Inspite of all this I was always CHILL! Ohh and when I would come in the afternoon, my tie would be lose, the shirt out, white socks black and shoes all dirty!!! I had to buy a white shirt and white socks in every 5-6 months:)

The only day I was super duper excited would be my birthday. I would not get sleep a night before. I would decide my birthday dress before hand. Keep everything ready. Get up much before time. Go stand outside on the bus stop early so that all could wish me. Whoever didn’t know my birthday, would be enlightened by me and in no time would know my birthday :). I would be so excited when all my bus friends would wish me :)

Till the time I was in the Junior section I wore a birthday dress and distributed sweets. Soon after that I just distributed sweets to the class.
My sister knew how seniors would bully the birthday girls and extract sweets from them. So she would keep about 20 Eclairs for such girls :) About 10 eclairs per person would be for my friends and 2 sweets per student for the entire class. Wow, it all seems like ages now.
I was so kicked about this day. Always high :)

I keep irritating everybody for my birthday but I think I have irritated Shubhi and Neha the most …10 days to go, 8 days to go…a few hours to go…My God!!! I would write in their registers too :):)I would sms them. OMG :)

The worst thing about my birthday was/is , it comes to an end and I have to wait for one full year :( I am never very happy towards the close of my birthday.

This year has been amazing. We bought our first home. This is one of the best birthday months.

I am ** years old (;) and still the fascination for my birthday has not subsided. Somehow I don’t even want it to go away :) I am happy being a kid this day, every year!

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