20th week Ultrasound

I must say I was a little nervous before this one. I had not seen my doctor for the last 3 weeks and Radha had not started kicking by then. I had no feedback how she was doing. But seeing her suck her thumb, open her mouth and put her hands on her face like Manoj Kumar relieved me so much.

In the ultrasound we saw her brain, her kidneys, her stomach, feet, hands and all four chambers of the heart. We also saw blood pumping into them. The radiologist showed us how the blood was going through the umbilical cord too. It was all very magical.

I told her that I had not started to feel the kicks yet and she said because I had anterior placenta which in lay man terms means that Radha had taken a backseat and her kicks would not be felt very soon.

She also showed us on my stomach where all Radha could move. She was breech then.

I think now I consider her to be so REAL :)

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