Switzerland: Day ‘Quatre’

Today Priyendra wanted to work and I decided to sleep. It so happened that we both slept for very very long getting rid of our jet lags.

After I woke up, I went down for a walk and decided to get stuff from Mc Donald’s to eat. Yes as my status message said I found ‘Aloo Tikki ‘ Burger here. I got two burgers, one medium french fries and one medium diet coke. I had to pay 19.20 Swiss Francs. I think this place is slightly expensive but that is fine. Once you are on a vacation you do not want to think about all this :)

Since then we both have been on our laptops. I have been sitting in the hotel lobby blogging and uploading pictures whereas Priyendra has been working.

I plan to visit Google office tomorrow. Also tomorrow I will be on my own again :) I am excited. Let us see what I end up doing.


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