After a while …

Wow! It seems like I started blogging and completely forgot that once I became interested in blogging.

Well last month in India was great and fantastic. It was my maiden trip to India post wedding and we were really pampered and looked after so well. Gauri joined us on our way back and she is happily settled with us. We both start with our classes next week. I will be taking three classes this quarter and I bet it is going to be tough with work and studies. Although Evan has been really nice for getting me from 40 hr/week to 25 hrs/week. My classes this quarter are
Computer Architecture
Computer Networks
Client Server Programming
Wish me luck folks.
Another reason for my excitement is Mom’s trip to Mountain View. We plan on doing lots of things this week when she is here. Well abhi I will sign off as Alena wants to go for a walk outside.

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