Diwali Month

Last week was fun and extremely hectic. It was fun and full of lights because of Diwali. We had a nice time playing cards at the Shankars.

On Sunday, two days before Diwali, I put Ganesh and Lakshmi jee in the living room and would light the diya and offer prayers for the entire week. We put up the decorative lights on the Diwali itself after I got back from my Networks class :) I wore the lehenga I wore on my engagement. Now this is the fourth time I wore it so I believe it has been well utilised for now. Ahhhhhhhh what about my Wedding lehanga :( Well well…I have drifted from the main topic. So Diwali was good fun.
Now on the other hand I had two mid terms, two assignment submissions and one project submission in that same week!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I not a super woman :) I came out of that week victorious :) This weekend we watched two movies too. Golmaal Returns and Fashion. Both were simply drags. Sunday we visited Amit and Shilpa Singhal and Sriram and his wife to wish them Diwali. It was a nice Sunday spent. After a long time it was only me and Priyendra :) Amit had a nice barbecue set up and he made corns for us. Nice!
This week started with a bang too with assignments and projects and a mid term on Friday. Alena asked me some time back on what my plans are for the weekend. I almost screeched and said weekend is still faraway da! Hopefully I will win over such heavy situations and be able to manage my work, studies and home well.

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